Tender Zambia is a product of Kanjela Creations Enterprises and specializes in the provision of creative solutions that are aimed at growing businesses in Zambia and beyond.

We love doing what we do and are passionate about it.

We design, create and bring your ideas to reality.

Our journey started off back in 2014 when an idea on  how to grow businesses by simplifying operations especially when it comes to the identification of business opportunities in Zambia struck us. Coming from an online background, we knew developing a website for this purpose would do the work, and www.tenderzambia.com was born! 

We started offering an email notification service for tenders free of charge and the demand grew.  We then commercialized the service in 2015 and later added other portfolios that included tender assistance, website designing and supplier/business listing, and now we have a huge database of subscribers!

Our aim is to help your business grow and we do this by going through daily newspapers, public and private websites to track newly advertised business opportunities on your behalf so you don’t waste time doing this. All you have to do is subscribe and gain unlimited access to the only local database of all running tenders in Zambia.

As a subscriber, you will also be granted access to our email notification service from which you will never miss any potential contract as you will be receiving a list of all advertised tenders sent directly into your inbox every business day! Let us help you discover new opportunities Click here to subscribe to Tender Zambia now!!



We can build any type of website be it personal or company, small or big


We have online facilities to host and manage any type of website including email accounts customized in your company name


Don't miss out on any potential business opportunity - let's notify you about all running tenders daily via email


Winning contracts is the ultimate goal of every company that participates in tenders - let us assist you win that contract

BUSINESS advertising

Advertise your business on our website. Let's list you as a supplier of goods and services so you can get found by clients

websites we have designed

some of our clients and subscribers